With the high school reunion season ahead, I thought it would be a good idea to change the way we do reunions, or at least how my school’s reunions have been done in the past.

I really like seeing my old school mates and catching up on the past. But one thing I missed was being able to talk to some of my old teachers. I guess most of you facebook so you probably have caught up with some of your old teachers, but I don’t facebook or twitter. I would love to sit down, face to face and talk to some of those old teachers of mine to thank them, reminisce with them, tell them what I remember about them and what they said/taught me to encourage them, AND to ask forgiveness of them for some of my mischievous, disrespectful, selfish, and sinful acts.

It just seems that so much of reunions are about peers and while I love meeting with my old peers, I do miss some of those teachers who taught me and invested in me. I know one teacher who actually prayed for me (he was in a public school system, too!).

I’d love to know your thoughts about seeing your old teachers OR to have you share a story about meeting one of them after graduation!

-Mark (just thinking my thoughts/ideas out loud)