An unbeliever asked me recently if buildings were necessary for the church. They equated the church with a building, not the people of God.

This saddens me greatly. Why? Because in America we are too busy “going to church” and not “being the church.”

Christians just “do” church on Sunday mornings and forget to serve as the church, or body of Christ.

Let’s be the church which is not a brick building. I would even go so far as to say that most churches are in debt so much that they are hindered by their bricks and mortar – and mortgage – for doing the work of ministry – evangelizing the world.

Are you serving Christ in your local body? Are you sending people out on missions’ trips? Are you helping people to go and serve all over the world? Are you being the church?

-Mark (seeking to “be the church” not just “go” to church as a spectator)