Fundamentals of Biblical Addictions Counseling

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4 thoughts on “Counseling Addicts in Teams of Two”

  1. ” ACCOUNTABILITY” of self, others and your team. Sure not what the world says. Two involves integrity, honesty and to do the right thing in every situation. Really being responsible to God and to self. I also see this as being very wise in the day and age we live in.

    “I alone can do it, but I can’t do it alone.

    Really comes down to a relationship, which God designed from the beginning.

    Question? Is it gender specific, male to male, female to female?



    1. Lanny,

      To answer your question- It depends on the situation. As a rule, we would recommend two male counselors as a team counseling a male counselee and likewise, two females with a female counselee. But there are times when a male and female team would be helpful, such as a married couple counseling with a man, woman, or couple who is having marital difficulties. The counselee(s) could perhaps benefit from both perspectives. We would always avoid having a woman counsel a man unless she is counseling alongside her husband.

  2. This was a great concept. My problem is finding someone available to help.

    When TIL begins counseling someone, do you tell the counselee up front that there will be 2 people counseling them? Do you explain why?


    1. We (TIL) do not currently have a regular counseling program, but when we did, the counselees always knew there would be two counselors. We would tell them benefits of a counseling team. They didn’t have problems with it and normally actually appreciated that there were two counselors.

      We know this isn’t always practical, but we do believe it is very biblical and preferable to the single counselor model.

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