Fundamentals of Biblical Addictions Counseling

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One thought on “Transformation Counseling: The 4 L’s of Biblical Counseling”

  1. I have heard the words Paul penned in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, but not as you Mark presented. Love is valuable, needed , I admit honestly that living this type of love has not always been easy for me. I practice it everyday, even with self. When not exposed to this kind of love that Paul speaks of, one becomes suspicious of everything and everyone which develops a mind set of .”do not trust no one”, it is wise to be cautious and aware of people motives, but not let it cloud or poison one’s mind which has a ripple effect on the mind that is negative for relationships. That is how the deceiver,father of lies gains stronghold in our mind.

    Am daily finding out that when I love God’s way,( do not judge, love them) there is no room for my mind to be suspicious of others. I would rather take a risk with of trusting others and find out am wrong about them than to distrust them and be mistaken. I think that makes sense. God desires us to forgive, love,and then he fills our mind with worthy things. He loved me enough that he gave HIS life for me.(us/all)

    Really enjoyed this lesson, challenged, and new approach than the worlds way.

    Thank-you, looking forward to the challenge and message,

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