Helping Families and Friends of Addicts- Mini Course

3 students

This mini-course will equip the learner to help families who are struggling with how to handle loved ones who are caught up in addictive behaviors of all types. This is a three unit course including the following titles: Family Dynamics, How to Conduct an Addiction Intervention, and Counseling an Addict’s Enabler. Each unit includes an audio lecture, a PowerPoint presentation of the material, and PDF listening notes. This course is for anyone who has the opportunity to counsel with parents, siblings, grandparents, other family members, and friends of addicts.


Mark Shaw

$29.00 $17.00

2 thoughts on “Helping Families and Friends of Addicts- Mini Course”

    1. Hi Lanny, This course is not required for commissioning. It is a “for further studies” course. That said, however, it is very helpful for answering some of the questions in the commissioning process. We are going to be adding more courses in the future to give addictions biblical counselors more tools.

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