Several weeks ago, I was seeking YOUR help in encouraging me to glorify God in my physical body. So I came up with a fun way to encourage me called the TIL 20-20 Challenge. You commit to giving TIL a tax-deductible contribution IF I can lose 20 pounds by December 20th. It’s really just a fun thing and not a binding or serious commitment at all. I really don’t care if you give or not, I would appreciate your encouragement regardless! 

Update on the TIL 20-20 Challenge as of October 20th: I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds already by God’s grace. The Lord has really been gracious to me as He has granted me repentance – I do not claim any responsibility for the success – I’m just doing what I am told by being obedient. It’s ALL His doing. God is so good and He alone is producing the fruit of the Spirit: self-control.

My goal in all of this is simply to honor God by living a more disciplined, healthy lifestyle in rest, diet, exercise, recreation (which I have done little of), and work. In so doing, I believe the benefits will be more productivity as I discipline myself for godliness (I Tim. 4:7).

By God’s grace, He has granted me repentance for my sin. And I’ve lost almost 20 pounds already in just 8 weeks of change in my diet.

I am only drinking water and I am not taking in any sugar. No red meat either. I am eating lots of salads, fruits, and vegetables and enjoy them greatly. The by-product of my obedience to Him is that I feel better in so many ways. Praise the Lord!

-Mark (thanking God for a second chance)