I just heard a sad statement. The father of the girl who was to be the youngest to sail around the world (but was unsuccessful in her trip; thankfully, she did not die) said he wanted his daughter to achieve “her dream.” Dream? What dream? Dream to be famous. Dream to be the youngest female to sail around the world. Dream to be a world-record holder until the next person came along to achieve their dream and become the new world-record holder. A dream, a dream, a dream…a dream that became a nightmare.

To all Christian Parents: Foster the right dreams in your children! Help your children to dream of God’s glory not their own glory! Teach your children to live for God to spread the Gospel in worldwide missions, which is dangerous but at the least is worthwhile because it is for God’s glory and for the betterment of others! Teach your children to be willing to lay down their lives to reach lost souls for the glory of Jesus Christ!


The American dream and the dream of more fame, more wealth, more things, more material stuff can kill a person. Be careful how you dream. Dream God’s dream for your life and follow His plan, not your own desires or dreams (Proverbs 3:5-8).

Smalltown Poets wrote a song about superstitions and one of their lyrics says this:

“Dreams come true can kill a man IF never graced by sovereign Hands…”

Only God’s dreams (really they are His plans) have a good ending and come true.

-Mark (praying for true love, the love of Christ, for this young lady and her family to fulfill God’s desires for them!)