My son is 13 today which is great except that he’s a teenager now! Our first teen but not our last. Pray for us!

In fact, we’ll have 4 teenagers at the SAME TIME for a few months when this son is 19 and our youngest turns 13 – all four children will be teens at that point, Lord willing.

God is so good. I’m proud of my children as I know you are if you are a parent, too.

Parenting is a humbling experience. I am reminded daily to trust in God.

-Mark (praying that the Lord will call this son into full-time ministry with TIL as our V.P. of Operations)

P.S. Happy Birthday to Tim Mullet, our fantastic intern, also today! Tim has one more full semester and part of another semester to go and he’ll finish at Southern Seminary with Dr. Stuart Scott.