Please understand that my strong blogs are against the THEORIES and IDEAS of psychology NOT the people who believe them. I love psychologists and have some great brothers/sisters who are doing their best to help people as psychiatrists and psychologists. In fact, Dr. James Dobson has been a man I have admired for many years though I disagree with some of his beliefs. He is a precious man!

We love people, even those we disagree with.

Also, we love people who are lost like those who trust in false religions like Buddhism. We love athiests and agnostics. We love people not the ideas they represent.

Pray for those who believe the lies of FALSE RELIGIONS. I pray for the people but I hate and oppose their ideas with the Word of God. Do you think Jesus would shy away from speaking the truth in love about false religions and false ideas in psychology and in the world¬†like “man is born good” or “alcoholism is a disease” and the like?

Strong blogs lately because we have a strong enemy in Satan the father of all lies.

Let’s stand for truth of God’s Word. Let’s stand for Christ. Let’s oppose the lies of Satan that were propaged by Freud, Skinner, Wundt, Adler, Jung, and Maslow…but let’s pray for and love the sinner!

-Mark (recognizing that most people in the church do not see psychology as an enemy yet, but they will when the Holy Spirit opens their eyes)