I’m a probably kinda guy. What do I mean by that?

I think in gray areas. You are probably surprised by that if you read many of my blogs. You may be thinking, “He writes in absolutes” and I do because it’s God’s Word which helps us to think anti-thetically.

But I don’t naturally think that way. Just ask my wife.

So, I’m grateful that the Word teaches me to think biblically in an anti-thetical way and then I can utilize God’s Word to help hurting souls in so many gray situations that require absolute truth.

In my limited understanding, I believe the proper interpretation of Scripture is absolute and the proper application of Scripture is more gray.

Wow, this is hard to describe in a blog. Just call me and I’ll explain it to you or take our next training course. I’ll make it clearer there (hopefully not as clear as mud!).

Maybe some of you wise theologians can help me out by responding to this blog and making it clearer!

-Mark (absolutely loving the absolute principles in God’s Word and applying them to a variety of situations always in a way that seeks to glorify the Lord as best I can)