Where are all of the godly men?

We need more men who are following Christ to disciple other men (Matt. 28:18-20).

Men who love their wives, do not provoke their children to anger, and follow hard after God are RARE these days. Rare.

Young men need older men to learn from. Role models are in short supply these days.

And it all starts in the home. American men are often too busy these days to spend time with their families in intentional discipleship situations.

Sadly, I think the coaching profession does a better job of discipleship sometimes than the church world. Great coaches beget great coaches. Likewise, great men need to begetting great men – and it starts in the home. Think about how many second and third generation Christian men are leading the church and the world today. Most great theologians and pastors these days come from Christian homes (not all but the majority).

I am thankful for the men in TIL who are doing the hard work of biblical counseling which is the personal ministry of discipleship.

-Mark (grateful for the men in my life who have taught me how to be a better man and recognizing the need for more spiritual growth every day)