In just our 4th full month of ministry at only 2 locations for 2 days per week (keep up with all of that if you can), here are our August 2008 numbers for Truth in Love Ministries, Inc.:

74 people were counseled this month in 9 days of biblical counseling

23 of those were brand new to our ministry

13 of those new counselees were referred by their PASTOR

2 NEW TIL biblical counselors volunteered with our ministry this month

50 biblical counselors worked on those 9 days of counseling – 5 per day on average – some of those were obviously repeats but that’s the most cool stat to me!!!!

80 hours of biblical counseling took place

70 counseling slots were offered; only 51 were utilized (we are correcting that problem next month with an “intake” day since most of those “no shows” would have been first time counselees)

19 of the 51 slots were MARRIAGE reconciliations

Demographically, we counseled our first persons in their 60’s and over (age)

Most counselees are in their 30’s (second place tie for people in their 20’s and 40’s)

We worked with children this month, too! We will be increasing our capacity to work with children in the coming months.

Finally, and most importantly, we trained 20 people in biblical counseling. 8 of those will be volunteering with us as we will give them an opportunity to serve Christ in this ministry!!! I can’t wait to produce more biblical counselors for the kingdom of God!

-Mark (wowzers!)