Only God can take our SIN and use it to save our lives.

For example, in Genesis 37-50, Joseph’s brothers sinned by selling Joseph into slavery and lying about it. They nearly killed him yet instead sold him to get some money to spend upon their own pleasures, quite likely. Very wicked sin indeed.

God, as the Great Redeemer, uses that very SINFUL choice to save their lives years later. God protects Joseph and ends up having him placed as the second in command of Egypt (behind the pharaoh). In this position, Joseph is able to save his brothers’ lives by providing them with food when a severe famine comes.

Only God can use our sin in a redemptive way and bring good through it to help us – even though we deserve death and eternal damnation! 

One more way He uses our SIN is by placing it upon Jesus Christ who gave His life upon the Cross at Calvary. Then, God places the Righteousness of Christ upon us to live out our lives in this life and in the life to come eternally.

-Mark (glad to be serving the Great Redeemer)