Please join us in prayer for the following needs for TIL!

Spiritual Needs to Pray that:

1.        We would seek to glorify God in all we do; that serving and honoring the Lord Jesus Christ would remain our primary focus

2.      The Holy Spirit to bring real hope and practical change to the hurting families, marriages, and persons we are privileged to serve (at least 15 families currently receiving on-going help from TIL)

3.      Wisdom for our Board of Directors and Officers to be led by the Holy Spirit

4.      The 3 churches that we are serving on-location; the 7 churches that are sending us persons from their congregations to counsel; the 10 churches that are prayerfully considering a partnership with our ministry

5.      Our relationships with Birmingham Theological Seminary, Focus Publishing, the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors, and the Association of Biblical Counselors will continue to prosper in the coming years

6.      Mark as he writes and develops more biblical counseling resources

7.      The 13 volunteer biblical counselors who already serve in this ministry to have compassion, patience, insight, and biblical truth to offer counselees as led by the Holy Spirit

8.      The 20 persons receiving training in the biblical counseling class at PBC would be strengthened in their personal walk with Christ and then use these skills to help and bless others

-Mark (a believer in biblical prayer submitted unto the Will of God)