We are in a down economy and it may get worse before it gets better. There are no shortage of needy people in this world and sadly, the number of needy people is getting higher because of the economy.

One such ministry that I am privileged to serve in is The Lovelady Center in the East Lake area of Birmingham (www.loveladycenter.org).

There are so many good, non-profit ministries in our area and in the world. Too many for me to give to all of them! But one ministry that I love as I have been behind the scenes now for several months is Lovelady. This is a special place and I really didn’t see how special at first.

The Lovelady Center is special because it does not rely on federal or state funds and teaches ladies and children to trust in God. It’s pretty simple really. And guess what…recently I’ve heard of 7 ladies who have gotten saved at TLC in the past 6 weeks so I know the Lord is working in the hearts of ladies and children there.

Therefore, I do not mind asking for your help for The Lovelady Center. This economy is hitting everyone pretty hard. I understand. I was reading Proverbs 3 this morning about trusting the Lord and how He cares for His children so I know we are all going to be fine. He will provide for you.

All I ask is that you prayerfully consider supporting the largest women’s transitional housing facility in the U.S. We have over 400 residents (315 ladies and 92 children) who are fed, clothed, taught, encouraged, challenged, and supported. It is a great work that glorifies the Lord without much government assistance!

Here’s the address and the website again is www.loveladycenter.org –
The Lovelady Center
7916 2nd Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35206-3804

-Mark (thanking you for your prayers for the people at Lovelady and considering a financial gift today)