Luke 18 & 19 tell us the biblical accounts of two rich men: Zaccheus and the rich young ruler. I don’t think these chapters were written by Dr. Luke accidentally in this order. Let’s take a quick look.

Both men were rich but both made very different decisions in response to meeting Christ. The decisions had nothing to do with money and everything to do with their hearts. One of them was unwilling to give himself and everything he owned to Him. He refused to surrender to Christ. The rich young ruler walked away from Jesus! Imagine that…how very sad!

The other man, Zaccheus, was truly submitted to Christ. His riches became secondary to His obedience to Christ. He gave his all to follow Christ.

How important are riches to you?

How will you respond to the radical call of Christ to give Him everything: yourself, your children, your finances, your home, your ______ – you fill in the blank! He wants it all.

I urge you to give radically to God’s work today! Give your time, treasures, and talents to advance the kingdom!

-Mark (wanting to be more like Zaccheus)