Getting very tired and ready to sleep. Seems like I say that each blog entry! It’s probably true each time.

Well, we are in our routine now. Monday – Thursday this is our schedule:

6:30 Wake up (if the alarm is set correctly)
7:30 Leave for the subway (30 minutes of walking plus 30 minutes of subway riding)
8:30 Arrive at church across town for breakfast
9:00 Teach
12:00 Eat lunch at church
5:00 End Teaching
5:30 Eat Dinner at church
6:00 Take subway back home (30 minutes of walking plus 30 minutes of subway riding)
7:30 Arrive home

Then, tonight, I worked on my powerpoint presentations for 2 hours with Mary’s help via long distance AND Mark Jr.’s help here in the dorm room. Artyom, our translator, counseled a man with a pastor from the training so we were all busy working until 9:30 pm. Now, it is time for bed and I am ready. I guess it’s about noon in Birmingham so this might be considered a siesta to some, but for us, we hope and pray for 8 hours of solid, uninterrupted rest.

Today’s teaching started slowly but ended with a bang. Everyone seemed to be listening and participating well. We covered the origin of addiction and unpacked Genesis 1-4. Tomorrow, we’ll focus on helping the family of an “addict.” Today was simply foundational, basic teaching designed to help them to counsel addicts of all types.

Good night or good afternoon if you are in Birmingham…I’m out…from St. Petersburg, Russia!

-Mark (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)