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Do you think Jesus lived a balanced life? Think about your response here before you answer…..
Luke 2 of course… not much balance there… Luke 5…. Luke 12…..thru….Luke 14….

Touching seriously sick people… i.e. lepers (like us touching an AIDS person with an open wound with an open sore on our hands….. THAT doesn’t even do it justice…)

How about when He called the disciples… He didn’t even offer them time, benefits, or pay… He just said “COME FOLLOW ME”… There wasn’t time allowed for a two weeks notice….WOW!  Think about it…..

He healed the sick and taught on the Sabbath. Let a prostitute touch Him in an intimate way around others, not worrying how they would respond. He loved sinners openly in front of the religious people of His time….

 He slept in the midst of a great storm (possibly hurricane)!  He never had a place to lay his head. He challenged leaders of His day.  He said love your enemies, pray for those who mistreat you…. He commanded people to love their neighbor as themselves.

He came to serve and not be served?? WHAT?  The son of God, washing my feet?  He knew people would betray Him, and He loved them anyway? And then builds His Church on their faith?  It goes on and on……

The more I study His life, the more “out of balance” it is from the perspective we hold…UNLESS, you have been given spiritual eyes to see and ears to hear.  An eternal perspective recognizes, like Jesus did, that GOD is all that matters! That being implied, everything He did was completely balanced in GRACE and TRUTH!  All perfectly working in harmony to bring people into the kingdom….

SO the next time you hear someone say your life needs to be balanced,  try and consider it from an Eternal Perspective, and not merely from the World’s….

-Jason  (Out Of Balance to the World, but in line with JESUS)