May 13, 2013 is a special day for me. It is the day that I embark upon a new adventure with new challenges awaiting me in Lafayette, Indiana. For the next three weeks, I will train by spending time with Jocelyn Wallace, Executive Director of Vision of Hope, who will transition to stay at home with her two daughters. It was a difficult challenge for Jocelyn as she has poured her heart and soul into Vision of Hope for over 6 years and got the ministry off the ground and onto the solid foundation of Christ. She will be missed and no one can replace her. It is a loss to the ministry for certain because Jocelyn is uber-talented.

With that in mind, I am grateful for the opportunity to both serve as the new Executive Director of Vision of Hope as well as a pastor on staff at Faith Church in Lafayette, Indiana. (go to for more information about the ministry and the church) I will be serving under the leadership of Pastors Steve Viars, Rob Green, Brent Aucoin, and other godly men. These are men I have observed and known at a distance for over 12 years now. I could not be more honored to serve Christ alongside them.

Our family really needed this change for reasons I won’t go into publicly. I needed this change personally for reasons I won’t go into publicly. That may sound like there was a crisis in our life or something, but that’s not to which I refer. It is just not something that needs to be posted worldwide!

It’s a new challenge that I relish as a competitive person who wants to see God destroy the kingdom of Satan and the lies of this world. I was enslaved to those lies myself in years past and I am proud of Christ in me to tell you that I have been transformed by the power of Christ and that I am in the process of being transformed into His image daily. I expect to see God work in the lives of the staff, interns, and the ladies we will be serving through the ministry of Vision of Hope in days ahead.

Therefore, let’s praise God together for this kingdom move to Indiana. Will I miss our family, friends, and faith family in Birmingham and other parts of Alabama? You know I will. But this is a kingdom move and I expect to see all of them who are trusting in Christ in heaven one day in the future where we will have plenty of time to spend together worshiping the One True God. May He say in that day, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant” to all of us.

-Mark (grateful for this kingdom opportunity that will grow and sanctify me personally, benefit my family, and enable us to serve God in greater ways in days ahead)