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I am a believer in the church that the Lord Jesus Christ is building according to Matthew 16:18: “…I will build My church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” (ESV) However, we are seeing more and more “para-church” organizations (non-profits) today that are not churches but are Christian organizations. Why?

One of the reasons I think we see a lot of parachurch ministries is that many in ministry want to avoid the church and all of the “politics” that go on among many church leaders. That’s not always a good reason underlying a ministry and I wish more Christians would submit to their church leadership, pray, and seek the Lord before stepping outside the church to do ministry. I believe all church ministries need the head of protection of a local church’s leadership team.

Another reason is that I think these para-church groups are filling a void in the body of Christ today. Someone sees the need in the church and has a vision to start an organization to address that need. That’s what we have done at TIL. We see a void of biblical, compassionate, life-giving counseling from the Holy Scriptures. We started out of the local church I am privileged to serve as pastor under their blessing. A board of directors directs TIL, also.

Truth in Love Ministries desires to support the local church and make it stronger! We love the local church! We love seeing His church strengthened.

By God’s grace, we are seeing that at Bethel Baptist Church in Moody, AL. What a ministry we are having there as the Lord continues to do His work! They are having baptisms and marriage/family reconciliations within that local body of believers! The members of the church are doing the hard work of ministry within the body and are reaching out to the community thanks to the leadership of Pastors Chris, Brad, and worship leader Rick W.

At TIL, we believe we are helping to fill the gap in the body of Christ by discipling and biblically counseling others! We point people to Christ and His Word for real help and real hope!

We’d like to help your church. If interested, call Ronny at 910-0085 to find out how TIL can help your church body.

Though we technically are a stand-alone ministry, we are submitted to the local church’s leaders in the churches we serve because we want to help those churches grow according to God’s vision for them AND we are meeting the real needs in their churches!

-Mark (grateful to serve the body of Christ)