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I was at the funeral of my life-long, best friend. It was deeply sad for me as I don’t think I’ve ever been that sad before, except for the death of my grandfather when I was 7.

Grief, or deep sorrow, must be experienced and not stifled. Don’t stuff your grief.

But through that time, I had to be very intentional in my thinking. I had to replace some bad thoughts with good ones. I did NOT do that alone as I had several godly people speaking God’s TRUTH in LOVE to my heart. It sunk in over time and though the period of sorrow seemed like forever, I am now moving forward.

I feel for many of you who lose a loved one: child, spouse, parent, friend, etc. It is very tough. We have people who will be compassionate toward you and will meet with you while you grieve so that the truth in love will begin to replace any maladaptive thinking you may be having. Let the body of Christ minister His love to you during this time. Biblical counseling will remind you that this earth is not our final destination as we are just passing through. We are on our way to heaven only because of the great love of the Father Who sent His Son to pay our sin debt and clothes us in His righteousness now (John 3:16).

Really, this world is not designed to be a place that we want to stay in. We should long for the new earth and new heavens when we will be with the Lord forever under His loving care.

-Mark (I would be lost withouth God’s truth and the hope of His Second Coming)