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Rules, rules, rules…As parents, we discipline our children and give them rules and more rules but do we ever deal with the heart of the child?

All discipline must be done in the context of the Gospel and go after the HEART.

Use every opportunity to point your child to the good news of the Gospel. Say this to your child: “I love you but your behavior just now was sinful and wrong in God’s eyes. But let’s pray to Jesus, ask Him to forgive you, and then ask Him to empower you to overcome this sinful temptation inside of you.”

I want to encourage you to live in a daily context of the Gospel never forgetting the importance of the message that we are tempted to sin but are forgiven by Him when we do. Teach your child to trust in God’s forgiveness alone for eternal life.

-Mark (Gospel-saturated parenting is the only kind of parenting that works)

P.S. A new book called “Addiction-Proof Parenting” will be out by October of 2010 that will help you to implement stragtegies to parent your children in a Christ-centered way.