Until Satan enters the picture in Genesis 3, life for Adam and Eve was simple: listen to God and obey Him. They totally trusted Him and His Word.

It should be the same way for us today: Read God’s Word and listen to the Holy Spirit. Then, implement His Word in our lives. Simple obedience.

Sadly, we complicate things due to our sin. Most¬†counselees I first talk to are often confused. They are simply listening to two types of counsel: God’s and Satan’s – just like Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden (Gen. 3) who¬†found out that there are no moral neutralities in the world. Sadly, they chose to believe Satan’s counsel which looked attractive to them – “being like God.”

Isn’t that the battle for all of us? We want to “be like God” in the sense that we want to call our own shots, live our own lives, be independent, and seek out our own glory. When we live for these goals, life is disappointing and leads to frustration. It is sinful and we should not even entertain Satan’s counsel at all.

However, there is a solution. Listen to God’s Word. Do it by the power of the Holy Spirit. Let Him lead you. Live to serve and please Him alone. Love others. Then, you will find fulfillment in this life as you listen to the original counselor Whose Word is true and life-giving.

-Mark (keeping my ears open to His counsel and shutting my ears to Satan’s counsel)