I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that I “hope to get more opportunities to teach The Heart of Addiction stuff.” Well, I got a call that night to speak/preach to over 200 ladies at The Lovelady Center this Sunday night at their worship service!

Here’s how it happened: Bert and Midge Cornelius have been using the Heart book to teach Bible studies at the Lovelady Center for quite awhile now (unknown to me!). I was so thankful to hear that Midge has really been reaching the hearts of the ladies there and that Bert has led many to the Lord through repentance for their sins and faith in Christ alone for eternal life! Praise Him! Bert asked me to come and preach in his place as his precious wife promised the ladies that they would meet the author. I told him I would do it but that the ladies already have great teachers so they might be disappointed with me! But I know they will not be disappointed when the Lord speaks through me by the Holy Spirit in accordance with the Word of God!

So, God answered my prayer. I am teaching the Heart book stuff this Sunday on 3 different occasions to 3 different audiences in 3 different venues (Sun. school, worship service, & a Webinar) to a local church, the largest transitional housing facility in the country for women, and to a national audience via the world wide web – all in 1 day!

Only God can do that! Only God answers prayers with a “yes” that blows your mind!

-Mark (grateful to serve the King of Kings and Lord of Lords)

P.S. And I’m teaching a foundational biblical counseling class that same day, too, so I’m actually teaching 4 times. I need your prayers!