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Do we have to apologize for presenting Christ to people? Would He want us to say things to soften the message so that we are not offensive to people?

I say strongly “no” because NO apology is needed.

Christ was offensive to people. Imagine being there when Jesus confronted the rich young ruler in Mark 10:22 who went away sorrowful: “Disheartened by the saying, he went away sorrowful, for he had great possessions.” Jesus didn’t pander or coddle this guy. Jesus simply spoke the truth in love.

Another example comes in Luke 12 where Jesus says that following Him is going to lead to division among blood relatives because they are going to have different spiritual desires (verses 49-53).

Jesus taught obedience to Him was a radical way to live.

It still is a radical way to live; that is, IF you are obeying Him alone. Biblical counseling preaches this message of radical obedience for the glory of God to counselees daily.

-Mark (no apologies needed for my Savior, the King of Kings needs no help from any man)