We came home from an 8 day trip to a terrible surprise. My wife noticed some weird bird droppings on the hood of our car. They were not normal ones but were covering a square foot portion of the hood. They looked more like rat droppings than bird droppings but she thought they had to be bird droppings!

Side note: A family of birds had moved into our fertilizer spreader in our carport a month ago so she was thinking it was somehow from those birds.

That evening when we returned, we were unloading our car and talking about the droppings while standing in the carport. I looked up, and guess what I saw: a bat had moved into our carport and was hanging down from the concrete ceiling!

We didn’t notice it at first, but when we did, I thought: “Holy Dilemma, Batman! What do we do?”

We did what most families do – we panicked! The children ran out of the carport to the front door far from the bat, and the parents ran inside! I guess it was all of those horror movies we watched before we were saved, but my wife and I were spooked and we spooked the children! We unloaded the car in a hurry and kept the carport entrance into our house tightly shut that night.

After several days of checking, we have not seen the bat again. We leave the light on and have sprayed that part of the ceiling with vinegar hoping to repel the bat (we have no idea why vinegar other than we do not like the smell, so maybe the bat won’t either!).

We checked the Bible about bats, too, and we saw in two places that bats are “detestable” birds (Lev. 11:19) AND “unclean” birds to eat (Deut. 14:18). The Lord was protecting His children from eating this winged birds because of the diseases they carry! We never planned to eat it and we certainly agreed with God’s Word that bats are “detestable” to us! We don’t want to kill them and we don’t want them living with us, that’s for sure!

Lesson learned: “Don’t go on long trips.” No! How about, “We are again reminded that God’s Word is true.” One more lesson: “Fear not, for I am with you says the Lord!” 

-Mark (concerned I might be going batty)