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Recently, someone remarked to me: “These two ought to be therapists!” The person was referring to two volunteer ladies who serve as team biblical counselors in our ministry (Truth in Love).

I responded: “These two ladies are BETTER than therapists!”

They are because they are servants of the Most High God and His Daughters! Daughters of the King of Kings who loves them very much!

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not hating on therapists because if they are Christians, then they are ok with me! If they are not Christians, then I hope they have a good day today and I really hope they hear the Word of God so that they might be saved (Rom. 10:17).

-Mark (confident that all saints are better counselors than secular therapists because of Christ within them!)

P.S. Somehow, people get all caught up in titles and labels and the like! Some people do not like to be counseled by a volunteer who is a Christian and would prefer a secular therapist who is not a believer in Christ! Ugh!