205-910-0085 [email protected]

TIL is so thankful to announce that biblical counseling CONTINUES at Bethel Baptist Church in Moody, AL, as its own, stand-alone, church-based counseling ministry!!!!!!

In other words, this is no longer a TIL ministry but a Bethel ministry which was the goal all along! TIL exists to strengthen the local church and Bethel now has a solid ministry under the direction of Bill and Beth Dill working under the authority of Pastors Chris Burns and Brad Tollison, Fantastic!

If you need biblical counseling, call 205-530-0226. Help is available for willing souls under the authority of the local church which is the way it should be! The church was commissioned to care for hurting and hardened souls (Matt. 16:18).

TIL is thankful for Bethel and the vision of its leadership team!

-Mark (mission accomplished)