A role model is someone you observe for the purpose of becoming more like. For the Christian, God has given us role models in His Word – the only perfect One is Jesus, of course, but we can learn from many Bible characters.

Biblical Role Models:

  1. The very first biblical role model will always be Jesus Christ. He is a perfect, sinless man who was also fully God. Let’s put ourselves in the Lord Jesus’ shoes for a minute (figuratively, of course, Christ’s shoes would be so holy, we can’t even untie them!). If you were perfect and lived in perfect heaven, think about how humble you must be to go to a sinful Earth. Now think about how even more humble you must be to die on a cross. Now that is the Savior we serve!
  2. Paul, a godly man who was kept in prison because of his faith, wrote a lot of the New Testament. What would you do if you were put into prison because you believed that all of humanity was sinful?
  3. Timothy
  4. Jeremiah
  5. Esther
  6. David

–Mark and Rachel Shaw (modeling after Christ and the men and women God used to accomplish His will in the Bible)