I have honestly not had much time to peruse the website like I desire to, but I found an interesting Indiana website about the epidemic and dangers of prescription drug use at


There are testimonies and great facts presented on this website like:

“Every 25 minutes someone dies from a prescription drug overdose.” Then it’s got a clock timing your time spent on the website to show how quickly that is.

“More people abuse prescription drugs than cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens, and inhalants combined.”

“1 in 5 Indiana teenagers have admitted to abusing prescription drugs.”

Most of you probably realize the significance of these statistics and they likely do not shock you. Still, it is amazing to me how practical the Word of God is to speak to this issue in a heart-probing manner to bring transformational change in the lives of those who surrender to Him by acknowledging the truth and then obeying it.

As God’s people rise up to be the church and not just do church on Sundays, more people will find answers provided by the Holy Spirit and the Bible. I love that Vision of Hope is a church ministry reaching into the community to solve societal problems! What a testimony of God’s power and faithfulness!

-Mark (accepting the challenge to speak truth in love to a darkened world that desperately needs the light)