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Here’s a quick review of The Heart of Addiction:

Five stars: Reviewed by Laura (NM), March 08, 2010

Though written primarily for alcohol/drug addiction, this book is so helpful for ANY type of addiction: gambling, sex, shopping, lust,porn, etc. It is solid and biblical!! Once I learned that addiction at its core is idolatry, and that I have a worship problem, true healing and Godly change began to take place. HIGHLY recommend this book and the workbook.

It encourages me because I write to help others and for the glory of God. I want to proclaim His message of truth and grace because that’s where true healing is found. I don’t care as much about sales as much as I do about glorifying the Lord and helping hurting souls. That is what is most important so I’m gald it helped this person (Laura) whom I may never meet until heaven!

-Mark (always thankful to God for allowing me to share His Word of truth in the arena of addictions)