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What a sad account in Genesis 4 of Cain’s disobedience and outright rebellion to God!

I hate reading it because Cain just refuses to accept the love of God and never answers any of God’s questions correctly. At the end, the Bible says Cain walked away from the presence of the Lord and we see how sinful and rebellious his children and grandchildren, etc. become – all due in part to Cain’s willful disregard for the Lord.

Tragic to think of the lost generations who followed their forefather, Cain, to flee the wonderful, gracious, and righteous presence of the Lord.

I thank the Lord often that my father led me to my heavenly Father! Now, I’m praying I’ll do the same for my children.

Happy Birthday, Ronny Shaw, my dad!

-Mark (acknowledging we can all be like Cain if we are not careful to listen to God and to obey His commandments)