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On Super Bowl Sunday, a day the NFL celebrates its sport by naming a season champion, the league grieves a tragic loss of life to one of its players. This time, the tragedy hit close to home for me. The issue of drunkenness is again a source of sorrow for the county I live in:  Marion County. The victims who lost their lives were standing outside of a vehicle on the side of the road and struck by a drunk driver. One man’s body ended up in the middle of the highway which tells you how hard these men were hit by the vehicle. Also newsworthy, one of the men who died is an active player on the Indianapolis Colts.

Drug and alcohol abuse are in the Indianapolis news for the 2nd time in 4 days after the 17 overdoses at Wheeler Mission’s facility and now this sports figure’s death. It is yet another account of a senseless tragedy – this time ending in two men’s untimely deaths.

Indianapolis loves its Colts football team. Maybe this NFL linebacker’s death will bring more attention to the issue of drug abuse but even more importantly, I hope it brings action by the city and state to address this age-old problem with new solutions rather than the same old tired ideas that are not working! There are programs in Indy that are unique in their approach and in need of financial support like ours: Truth in Love Ministries.

Please pray for both victims’ families and for God to be glorified through this tragedy.

-Mark (grieving again the impact of substance abuse in my local community)


Photo Credit: James Pallnsad