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Last night at the Birmingham Theological Seminary graduation ceremony, 3 volunteers with Truth in Love Ministries graduated: Sonya Hendricks, Joseph Kirwa, and Jeff Young. We want to honor these 3 submitted “vessels” who have worked so hard over the years to finish their degree programs and are working so hard to help hurting people through TIL. Congratulations to all 3! What an accomplishment!
Even cooler still, Sonya Hendricks gave a BTS testimony which was awesome! She even mentioned Truth in Love Ministries in her talk and nailed our ministry – we are helping 3 local churches, we do NOT charge counselees for services, and we hope to add her church in the near future. (Note: Just a year ago, TIL was just a month into it’s ministry and had only met with a handful of families in a handful of sessions – now we are reaching more people by God’s grace.) 
The Lord’s Hand is upon TIL. Last night, Dr. Frank Barker said, “Do not despise the day of small beginnings.” We are still in this stage of small beginnings but are rejoicing. We are very small and insignificant in the world’s eyes yet the Lord is putting the pieces together. I am dreaming bigger today than ever before – wanting to set up biblical counseling ministries in more churches AND in foreign countries like Kenya and Japan in the next few years as the Lord leads.
I believe the finances will come through soon! Please pray that the Lord will continue to bring the right persons on board this ministry in His timing so that we’ll be ready when the finances do come in. There are many people that I would like to hire who are CALLED to do this type of ministry work and are giving “vessels of honor” like Sonya, Joseph, and now Dr. Jeff Young!

-Mark (thankful to serve Christ and His children by upholding the sufficiency of His Word)