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For those of you who do not know, my home Church, Church of the Highlands has been in a time of prayer and fasting for the last 21 days.  Every year we take time at the first of the year to seek God and quiet ourselves from the world.  


Last year this time a good friend and I found ourselves asking each other, DAY 22 Whatcha gonna do?  Our concern was that all the time we had spent with the Lord, was going to in some way entitle us to “take a break” for a few weeks. Like we had earned something…. Or in some way achieved something…. Almost in a way missing what the time is all about….


Well here we are again finishing up this year and the question is posed once more…. Personally I have tried to journal over the last three weeks.  My prayer is that I will take the following three weeks and day by day go back over what God has been revealing to me.


If you would like to learn more about this time of prayer and fasting , you can visit my pastor’s blog and read his daily writings over the last three weeks…here



-Jason (so glad to be dialed in with the one who Created me)



Jeremiah 32:27