Friday, November 6, 2015


Downtown Cairo

My Trip to Egypt (part 8) – De-Nile is Not Just a River in Egypt

Addressing sexual sin and addiction issues all day Friday reminded me of how many people are in denial about the prevalence of the problem and how God’s Word speaks to it. We had a POWERFUL session on sexual sin issues on Friday night and one pastor said, “I have never heard a workshop on this topic in this way. That was very powerful and changed me. I will not be the same. Very convicting. Thank you.” Another pastor said a similar thing. And then another student and another. Praise God that His Spirit worked in the hearts of His people!


My Best Pic of the Nile River

The country is one of the largest pornography producing nations in the world I am told and incest is rampant. How sad! There are many, many problems stemming from sexual sin and the Bible helps correct many of the errors in thinking and behaving. The majority of students are committed to biblical authority and sufficiency which is so refreshing to me. It is a horrible reality to face the prevalence of sexual sin in American and Egyptian cultures and the church cannot live in denial. Instead, the church must speak out and address this problem for God’s children providing truth and a pathway of freedom for those in the struggle. There is hope…in Christ.

-Mark (emboldened by the power of the Word of Christ speaking to dark issues in society)