When I read the Bible, I often wonder, “How could they miss that Jesus is the Messiah? Isn’t it obvious?” What is obvious to me the reader was not obvious to those who lived with Christ. Why?

I think one reason why they missed Jesus is because we often do not embrace humility in our leadership. Even Christians don’t always embrace a humble leader. Instead, they often want to follow someone who is tough, abrasive, and bombastic.

Jesus was strong yet meek. It would have been hard to follow Him. We see evidence of that in the Gospels when the disciples asked Him if He wanted them to rain down fire from heaven but He said “no” in Luke 9:51-56. They were rebuked for their attitude and He led them by His meek example. They misunderstood the grace and power under control of the Messiah. Don’t we all?

You and I miss it. We often want government or church leaders who are powerful and do what we want them to do in powerful ways in order to get our will accomplished. But how much are we supportive of leaders who do God’s will in His way even when it looks like weakness and meekness to us? Do we follow that type of leadership?

I hope the answer is “yes” because that is who our Savior is. He is the Prince of Peace and His yoke is easy and burden light (Matt. 11:30).

Let’s support our leaders who are meek, tender, firm, yet loving. Let’s not be rebellious members of the flock making them despise their calling to lead God’s people (I Peter 5:1-5).

-Mark (amazed at the meekness of Jesus and His leadership in my life)