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I had a great time today doing the LIVE radio interview this week on WDJC 93.7, the Birmingham Christian radio station. Those guys are great! The Ronnie Bruce Show – www.wdjconline.com – is the website and you may be able to archive it.

I’ll also be on the radio this coming Sunday morning, Sep. 19th, on WDJC between 8 and 9 am on the Terry Patilla Show.

Then, on Thursday, September 23rd, I’ll be on the radio a third time with Justin Brown between 4 and 4:30 pm.

Ms. Brenda Lovelady Spahn and I did the interview together for National Recovery Month to tell the community about the problem of drugs/alcohol in B’ham but most importantly, about the SOLUTION to drugs and alcohol in B’ham: Jesus Christ!

-Mark (grateful to God to proclaim Christ as the ANSWER)