IMG_3161Tomorrow, I will release the first blog post of several regarding the journal I made while in Egypt chronicling my trip over there. I meant to have these out sooner but have been battling a variety of sicknesses since my return and a busy, busy schedule.

I hope you enjoy them. Some are humorous, some serious, some teaching truth, and all meant to be honest in the struggles of a very spoiled American man who went to serve people who love Jesus Christ and are committed to the work of making disciples in their country. Pray for them please!

The book pictured above is my book, The Heart of Addiction, only translated in Arabic with a very cool cover! It reads from right to left so it appears to be upside down to me but Arabic and Hebrew both read the opposite way from what we are used to. I hope in heaven that books will be read from left to right; otherwise, I am not sure what I will do. (joke)

-Mark (thankful that the Lord would allow me to serve yet remembering that He is serving me by teaching me to love Him more)