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At TIL, we are so excited about the future of biblical counseling! Currently, there are few places in the country that offer biblical counseling. Fewer still offer TEAM biblical counseling!

But that’s about to change by God’s grace!

Our vision is to establish team biblical counseling ministries all over the WORLD – in other cities in the U.S. and hopefully in Japan, Kenya, and other countries one day!

In the past year, people have called me to ask me to hire them and they have been from California, Floriday, Ohio, Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama. They want to do biblical counseling – they wanted me to hire them for TIL here locally. They are looking for jobs in this field b/c the jobs are few and far between but I believe that is changing. I hope TIL can hire them and many others in coming years by God’s grace, provision, and timing.

Biblical counseling is the “best game in town” simply because it honors God’s Word and depends solely upon the Holy Spirit to yield fruit. Therefore, only God receives the glory – not the counselor! Our entire ministry desires to glorify Christ.

That’s the way God wants it. He wants all of the glory and rightfully so. He alone deserves it!

-Mark (wanting to glorify God in all I do – I Cor. 10:31)