Again, one of my favorite parts of the Fireproof movie is when a character tells another person to “lead his heart.” He clearly meant that you cannot follow your heart’s feelings but you must lead your heart by being obedient to God’s Word.

In secular psychology, the emphasis is often on “feelings.” Most counselors in that realm of psychology try to address one’s feelings which is futile. Feelings change as one changes his/her thinking. What a cognitive-behavioral secular counselor does is try to change one’s thinking but what is the counselor’s standard? Not the Bible. Instead, the standard comes from the counselor!!! They deny this but it’s reality.

Everyone has standards by which they live: their own OR God’s. It’s really that simple.

I urge you to lead your heart by God’s standards found in His Word of truth in love!

-Mark (replacing my standards with God’s standards every day of my life)