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We offer FREE biblical counseling to all of our counselees; however, FREE does not mean there is NOT a COST involved.  Our ministry keeps its costs down by God’s grace and it is an honor to be great stewards of God’s money.

We ask that counselees give to the ministry NOT as payment for their sessions but to help the next persons we counsel. They are “paying it forward” to be a blessing to others and are vital partners with our ministry.

It is our privilege to serve hurting souls who often do not have the financial means to contribute much to Truth in Love, but do so to help others. We thank the Lord for every gift that is given to TIL! We rejoice and pray for the $10.00 gifts to the $1,000.00 gifts! Thank you for giving to our ministry!

We desire your prayers and ask that you continue to lift our ministry up to the Lord! Pray for strength, endurance, workers for the harvest of God, financial resources to continue, and for our counselees to see Christ through our biblical counseling and discipleship ministry.

-Mark (praising God that the cost of the ministry has been shared by Jason and myself as we work sacrificially to advance the kingdom of God. I’m not saying this to puff us up because we are redeemed sinners saved by God’s grace; however, it is the truth…in love!)