You’ll have to use your imagination for this one b/c I did NOT have a camera to take a picture for you.

Recently, I saw a pair of 15 year olds walking together & holding hands (boy & girl). However, in their other hand each of them was holding a cell phone, looking down, and texting someone else! Both of them were doing the same thing.

Though they looked connected by holding hands, they were worlds apart, not communicating with each other, and communicating with 2 different people!

How often do we do this with God, spiritually speaking?

We are “holding hands” and “connected to Him” outwardly but we are unaware of His closeness because we are desiring to communicate and to be intimate with someone else or something else other than Him!

We live in the communication and information age but people do not know how to listen and talk to each other very well for the purpose of building a relationship. I don’t think the relationship between these 15 year olds will last long since they are failing to communicate with each other. Eventually, the puppy love will wear off. It reminded me of many marriages that I’ve counseled – I’m sad to say that these couples had no idea how to lovingly communicate with each other because all they desired in the first place during the dating phase was physical touch – not real intimacy!

People often get married for physical lust – not agape love, real intimacy, and companionship.

As Christians, God calls us to marry in the Lord for the right reasons – for His glory and for the benefit of our spouse – not for selfish gain. Relationships that fail to communicate will ultimately fail.

Be sure you hold hands AND talk to your spouse today!

-Mark (thankful for the pictures God gives us every day to remind us of His desire for us to know Him as Lord and Savior)