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I read recently that when school begins this year in Massachusetts, one school is giving condoms to children as young as 5 years old and they say it doesn’t matter what parents think about it. They are doing what is “right.”

Now, I’m not going to blog very long on this because it’s obvious to Christians and even most non-Christians that this is wrong but is being called “right.”

“Right” is a relative term when we think from man’s perspective. What’s right in their eyes is not necessarily right in God’s eyes? God alone is perfectly just because He alone has a unique perspective as Creator, Sustainer, Savior, and King of Kings. No one else has His divine perspective!

There is no standard to go by…everyone does what is right in his own eyes…see the book of Judges for a history lesson on how that works out for God’s children! No one looks to the Bible and Christians do not know the Word well enough to defend this situation. So, the government or someone at a school has decided this is the right thing to do and they do it. The folks in Massachusetts have decided it is right to give 5 year olds condoms.

I’d like to read your comments on this issue!

-Mark (sad about the world, glad about my Savior and His kingdom is coming)