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One of the scariest verses in Scripture to me is that “God opposes the proud” in James 4.

In other words, God is actively against anyone who exalts himself (or herself) and I believe this applies to CHRISTIANS, also!

I liken it to playing tennis against God. You would not return His serve or win a single point if you got to hit the ball if God were your opponent. You and I do not want God opposing us!

The next part of that same verse says “but He gives grace to the humble.”  In other words, if you humble yourself, He will not humiliate you. In fact, then He will exalt you in His way and in His eyes by giving you grace.

We know in biblical counseling that the Holy Spirit does the work, not us. So God gets all the glory! You should do biblical counseling, too, because it’s completely an act of faith in trusting God to work in the hearts of His people by His Spirit and His Word.

It’s your choice. Be humble and God will exalt you. OR be proud and He will oppose and bring you low to humble you.

-Mark (choosing humility though I have to fight against pride in my own heart)