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To fully understand the Gospel, one must go back to Genesis 1:1 which is the very beginning.

To fully appreciate what Christ did for us, we must begin there.

Read the first 3 chapters of Genesis today. Then, read from Mark 11 (the Triumphal Entry of Jesus) through Mark 16:8 (the Resurrection of Jesus).

Genesis 1-3 & Mark 11-16:8    – 8 chapters total of the Bible –     are all I’m asking you to read. It might take you 30 minutes. What a small sacrifice!

Jesus was God’s sacrificial lamb that was slain for us just like God sacrificed animals (likely a lamb, but it’s not known exactly) for Adam & Eve’s sin in the Garden. Only God’s sacrifice, a perfect sacrifice, would suffice as He is just and must punish sin according to His holy standards.

When you think of the Gospel, I urge you to return to Genesis. Remember the beginnings of why sin and death entered into God’s perfect world. Then reflect upon the new heavens and new earth coming soon after Jesus returns as our King of Kings!

-Mark (looking forward to the return of Christ but wanting it to delay some so that more might be saved by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ)