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Neat story. True story.

My son is 13 and plays guitar. One of his strings broke the same day we had it re-strung! Ouch!

He was upset when he told me about it. It was an accident. I told him that his Grandfather would take it back the next day with him to get it re-strung. I told him to pray for God’s mercy that maybe they’d fix it for him for free. He said, “But I can’t count on that, Dad.”

I told him that he must be prepared for either outcome since either one means God knows best and will reflect His goodness. He agreed.

Later that night, his grandfather said the same thing I did – that he should pray for God’s mercy.

I told him that I would NOT pray for him but that he must pray to Christ himself because it is his relationship with God that I want to encourage. He understood that it was between God and him.

The next day, I asked him about his trip to the guitar shop and he told me that not only had the nice man re-strung it for free but that he had offered to jam with my son sometime. God’s mercy was above and beyond his expectations!

I only tell this story to encourage you parents to foster your child’s relationship with Christ. Don’t get in the way of that relationship by praying the prayer for them. Ask your child to pray and you can agree with him/her in prayer but don’t get in the way!

I am thankful to the Lord that He poured out His mercy on my son to show my son how loving, gracious, faithful, and merciful He is!

-Mark (I’m pickin’ and grinnin’ in Christ)