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Every year, the month of May kills our family’s budget! May 1st is my youngest child’s birthday. May 9th is my precious mother-in-law’s birthday. May 10th is my mother’s birthday. May 23rd is my great wife’s birthday!

So Mother’s Day usually falls near both my mom’s and my wife’s mom’s birthdays! Talk about a triple whammy!

Happy Birthday to my mother today! I have a wonderful mother. Many of you know my father who runs our office, but you have not met or talked to my mother because she is quiet. She and I differ in that aspect (quiet vs. talkative) but that’s about it. My mother and I are exactly alike in many, many ways in how we think about life. So, if you ever get a chance to talk with her, you may catch how we are alike.

-Mark (thankful to Christ for my mother and all mothers and women – He has gifted so many women who serve the church so faithfully)