Some of you have never met my mother so I must tell you that you have missed out on a blessing. My mom is one of the kindest persons with a servant’s heart that I have ever known. She modeled the love of Christ before me and my brother and we are providentially blessed (not “lucky” because God planned it) to have had her as a mother.

Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but she is a beautiful person on the inside who continues to serve our family and this ministry, Truth in Love Ministries. She helps my dad do his job for TIL, gives input when asked, and watches my children when Mary and I are having to serve without them. I could say more and more about her but I am sure you want a short blog post! It was her birthday, too, on the 10th so she always gets a two-for-one holiday around this time of year.

One fun fact about my mom is that she is a talented piano player. She reads music so well and played while I pastored Clay Christian Fellowship a few years ago. She also has a fun sense of humor and is the life of the party at times.

I am VERY grateful for my mother and how she exemplifies Christ in our lives and pray she has a great day today while I travel north to Indiana to serve Christ there. I only hope to serve there half as well as she has served our family here!

-Mark (overjoyed at the mother the Lord chose to give me)

P.S. I hope to see my mom’s mother (my grandmother) today on my way to Indiana. That is a cool event that I don’t think has ever happened before, praise God.