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…more responsive singing by our congregation! Four weeks ago at our church, we changed the order of service slightly. Here’s what we did: we simply adjusted the order of worship to have the preaching of the Word EARLIER in the service (10-15 minutes into it).

What was our reasoning? Plain and simple: We HEAR from the Holy Spirit FIRST through the preaching of the Word and then RESPOND with joy and gladness in our singing praises to our sovereign King and sweet Savior Jesus! So far, it has been a resounding success. Our members have responded to God with joyful singing to worship Him!

“We love because He first loved us.” – 1 John 4:19 (ESV)

Again, the logic is very simple and really based upon our salvation experience: God speaks to us and then we respond.

Prayer is talking to God and is important yet personally, I always desire to HEAR from Him first; therefore, I try to read HIs Word BEFORE I pray in the mornings. What about you? Do you want to hear from Him before you speak to Him or does it matter to you?

-Mark (learning to listen to Him first before I begin talking to Him)